Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

It's been a lovely day here, very quiet after being out all day yesterday. I suggested to the girls last night that they at least sleep until 7am. I was relieved when they came in at 7:30am for us to get up and join in the egg hunt. No photos from that, I didn't even think to take photos until after.
We mucked around in the morning, doing some washing and tidying up. I cooked a roast lamb for lunch which we all enjoyed. After lunch I had a big nap for nearly 2hrs while everyone just pottered around. When I woke I worked outside in the garden - getting the vege patch ready for planting.
It's always been a tradition that the girls get new pyjamas at Easter. It's to help cut down the amount of chocolate and the weather is finally starting to cool at night, so perfect timing.

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