Saturday, April 23, 2011


Today we did a day trip to York. We had never been before so it was exciting to see a bit of Western Australia that we hadn't seen before. It took us about an hour 20mins to get there, through lots of pleasant countryside.
It was a beautiful sunny day with a temperature of 35 deg. Still so warm for the end of April.
First we headed to the town hall for a look at the antique fair. We didn't buy anything but lots of people were buying.

The girls spotted this sign for face painting, so Phil took them while I carried on looking around.
 Kate chose a unicorn - what a fantastic job she did. She would have to be the best face painter I have seen around.

Ella was a cat. Isn't she beautiful?

After we finished there, we wandered along to another collectors market. It was so packed though, we didn't stay long. It looked like there was lots of good stuff though.
After we went for a walk along the main street. It's really gorgeous with most of the building restored to it's original beauty. Being Easter Saturday, the streets and shops very very busy.

The girls loved this display of Easter Bunnies and bits and pieces.

Down a little alley we discovered some more shops and some buskers. We later sat down here and ate lunch.
Then Kate discovered this lolly shop. And what a shop it was. So many different varieties. Kate was excited when she spotted the New Zealand lollies. We did buy some!
Even the front window was a lot of fun !

The girls spotted this place down a side street, so we wandered down there. I must say it was nice to get out of the heat for awhile and into the air conditioning. They chose a pair of socks each for winter.
By this stage we had all had enough of the shops and people, so headed to a park right beside the town. The girls quickly made some new friends to play chasey with.
While Phil watched the girls play I headed across this bridge to see what was on the other side.
I found this beautifl old church and a few houses. No one was around anywhere, it was very deserted!

Back in the car, we drove off to a lookout, to get a good view overlooking York. It was so hot up there though and very very windy. Nearly blew Kate off a big rick!

Off to another park with a bit more nature. It was very very dry. No rain here for many months by the looks of things. The girls found a small playground, but had much more fun playing on a log nearby. Big people enjoyed it too.

Once we had all had enough of this (the flies were getting really annoying) we decided it was time to set off home. Kate asked if we could stop and look at the school before we left. York only has one school, even though it is called a high school it goes from K-12 (Kindy to Year 12) We had a good look around (and a play) and decided it was a very nice school. There was lots of construction work going on, it will be even better when it's all finished.
Kate spotted the National Anthem words in the undercover area. What a great idea!
We all agreed this was a lovely spot outside the library to sit.

What a lovely view while you sit and eat your lunch at school.

I hope you all had a Happy Easter Saturday too.

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The Doylies said...

Awesome!I love that sign...lost husbands!Heehee.You are so dilligent at your blog!I try to keep mine going!I do enjoy blogging.
Happy Easter+ANZAC day to you + family.
And so sorry to hear of your father's passing.

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