Friday, April 22, 2011

Pretend Play

We've been enjoying a day at home today. A day away from the hustle and bustle of work and school, dancing and playdates, shopping and errands. Good Friday is a great day to do not much, but enjoy each others company. We all slept in until around 8am, which is very late for us. The morning was warm when we rose and the day got warmer and warmer. It reached 33 deg, so quite warm still for late April.
Not long after breakfast the girls decided to get out all the little people of various families, push the doll house into the lounge room and set up house. Here they continued to play for six (yes you read that right) hours!

Who said 8 and 9 year old were too old for this kind of play?

Certainly NOT mine!!!

Isn't it nice that they play so well together. Well mostly they do.

These playmobil people and lego man are all in school
Aren't these just the cutest little girls and boys?
Here we can see inside the Sylvanian Caravan the girls got for Christmas. It comes with a green car, for towing of course. It gets alot of use. It has a cool bathroom with a toilet, a kitchen that has teeny tiny drawers that open, and plenty of beds for everyone. It's been a wondeful present providing hours of imaginative play. I'll be sad when they outgrow all this, lucky there are the grandkids to enjoy it later on.

While the girls played, Phil and I worked outside. We have a kerbside collection next week, so we cleaned out the shed and got rid of a lot of junk, mowed the lawns, chopped some trees and did a general garden clean-up. I made some delicious meatballs and veges for dinner. The girls played some more with the caravan and little figurines after tea. I love days when we are all together with no rushing around.

I hope everyone else had a lovely Good Friday.

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