Saturday, April 16, 2011

Kalamunda Show

Kate in her singing troupe - she is second from left

 Today we went to the Kalamunda Show as they girls were performing - both in ballet and Kate in singing as well. It was a very hot day 34 deg and really hot standing in the sun watching. They did really well though. It's always a proud moment to watch them perform.

Classical - Ella on left, Kate centre

Ella and Ruby rode the small roller coaster
Ella and Kate on the wave swing - Ella went on this 3 times!

Ruby feeds a sheep

Kate has a quiet word with Jonah about being gentle

Kate holds a chicken

We stopped to watch the wood cutting competition

Kate enjoys a much needed snow cone

The camels weren't as popular this year. The girls didn't ask to go on them.

The all enjoyed the party gym bus - even Jonah

ice cream- yum!

Jonah loved the Sesame Street characters

The girls won some prizes on the clown mouths

Kate loved this ride!

Amie, Jonah and Ruby on the cup and saucer ride

Ella shows off her wins

We watched the Perth Angels compete - the are in the top 5 teams for Australia and head to the World champs in less than a week. It is a mixture of acrobatics, cheerleading, gymnastics and dance.

then they called for kids to come up and have a go - Kate couldn't get up there fast enough

Phil and the girls on the dodgem cars. Kate wasn't quite sure at first as she had to go in a car by herself, but she soon got the hang of it

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