Monday, April 18, 2011

School Excursion

Ella and Erin fill in the answers on the activity sheet
 Today the Year 3's went on an excursion to Sci-tech. My girls love to go there and we usually go once or twice a year. I had a small group , Ella, Erin and Blake. It was easy to keep track of 3 kids. That's the good thing about plenty of parent helpers. The kids all had a great time, which was clearly shown by at least 10 kids falling asleep on the bus on the way back. Very funny. What was even funnier was the bus driver stopped to drop us off at the wrong school until a parent sitting behind him put him right. (he wasn't the same driver who drove us in)

Making shadows is good fun

Ella tests out colour mixing

Writing her name in the dark

Ella meets up with her friend Amber


Ella pulls her own weight

The gliding activity was hugely popular

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