Monday, May 23, 2011

Writing Workshop

A couple of weeks ago, Kate came out of class after school waving a piece of paper with a very excited look on her face.

Her teacher had been talking to them about a writing competition that is being run by the Shire. To encourage entrants, two writing workshops were being held (9 -12yrs and 13-17yrs) and students were nominated by their teacher if they thought you would benefit from attending one of the workshops.

Kate was delighted when her teacher named her (along with Kade in her class) and today was the day of the workshop.

The author was Norman Jorgenson. He told stories of how he became a writer, with his new book due out next month. He read some of his first books ever published. He talked alot about what makes a good story and gave the kids sheets with ideas to take away.

So. now it's time to start thinking about what to write for the competition. There are some great prizes up for grabs!

I will keep you posted!

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