Thursday, June 16, 2011

New Fridge

After our old fridge being on the blink for a couple of days, we got up yesterday to it having gone altogether. So after we dropped the girls to school we went fridge shopping.
We actually only went to one store where there were some massive specials on. We opened and closed what seemed like a hundred fridges until we settled on this one.
We only needed a small freezer space as we have an upright freezer as well which used to sit in the dining room, but now lives in the shed. So we have more room in the dining room as well.
We couldn't get over how fancy some fridges are now, we didn't need one that delivered crushed ice and cups of cold water. And I can't believe that some people would spend $3000 plus on a kitchen appliance! Ours was a third of that in price and will do us nicely.
Off to fill it up a bit more today!

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