Sunday, June 12, 2011

Dancing Competition

Kate dressed as a mouse for ballet
Today Kate competed in the ATOD dancing competitions. They were held in Kwinana, 5 minutes from Amie's house, so we picked Amie up at 8:45am and headed to the Arts Centre.

Kate's tap which is Bronze Star was in Section One, so we didn't have long to wait. She placed 3rd out of 5 girls, some pretty tough competition out there, so she was thrilled with the result.

Section two, after morning tea was he ballet - Bronze Medal - 6 contestants, and again she placed 3rd! Absolutely thrilled.

Then it was a lunch break. We headed up to McDonalds, it was absolutely packed with different dancing school grabbing food in-between competitions. Amie & Ella had had enough of watching now that Kate had finished performing, but Kate wanted to watch the third and final section which some of her friends were in. So we dropped them back to Amie's house and we went back again. The day was over at 3:30pm and we went back to Amie's to pick up Ella and spends some time with Ruby & Jonah.

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