Thursday, June 09, 2011

School Excursion

The orchard is set on 40 acres
I went along with Ella's class today on an excursion to an Orchard. I would have to say it was one of the most interesting and enjoyable ones I've been on, and I've been on lots!
We were greeted by Emily when we arrived, who was our tour guide.
Emily tells the children of the different fruits they grow
We learnt about the history of the orchard which belongs to Emily's husband and family. It was established in 1939.
We walked along the rows of apple trees

Emily talked about what fruits they grow there, which trees were which, and about what happens during the different seasons
The garden where they dug for worms
Then it was on to digging for worms - well Emily dug while the kids all found a worm each
Ella gets down and searches for her worm
And here it is!
The kids all compared their worms while the others were getting theirs
They then went and fed their worms to the chooks who were waiting patiently.
The chooks waiting for a snack
We then met up with Phil who explained what he was about to do on the orchard (clean up with his tractor around the trees
More learning from Phil
Then it was time for morning tea. Everyone was pretty hungry by then. Emily brought around plates of cut up fruit which was delicious!
Ella waiting patiently for some organic fruit
Ella gets some Pink Lady apple
We then met Farmer John (Emily's husband) who was working in the shed. He explained about his Grandfather and Dad building the sheds. He showed us the coolstore.

Farmer John talks about the shed and cool stores and what happens inside

The kids learnt about the process of getting the fruit from the packing shed to the wholesalers, to the retailers to home.
A look into the coolstore
Then finally after lunch they all got to enjoy a short ride on the apple chariot back up the hill to the bus.

Ella (back right) gets a ride with her friends

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