Friday, July 22, 2011

Ella and I

I decided to go for a walk before tea tonight and in-between all the rain we've had today. Ella decided to come along as well on her bike. It was quite light when we left but almost dark by the time we got home.
The streets were pretty deserted, except for the odd person walking home from the bus.

There was so many great puddles around to ride through. Ella ended up staying drier than myself on foot - my feet got quite wet.
 Ella loved going across this little bridge and seeing all the dirty water rushing underneath

After the bridge we walked/rode down to one of our local parks, which after all the heavy rain today was filled with mini lakes, and ducks floating!

It's always nice to have some one on one time with your kids. Next time Kate and I'll have to go out by ourselves. 
This photo was in our street, it actually wasn't as dark as it looked in this photo, cheap camera with a not so great flash was used.
Ella went through this puddle many times! Such fun!

1 comment:

Libby said...

What a fun outing for you both. Christy often comes along on my walks and it definitely a special time - though I do miss the peace & quiet I normally have :-).

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