Sunday, August 14, 2011


We were going to stay home today as neither Phil or I are particularly well, but then I decided I would take the girls out for a bit of fresh air.

I left Phil at home and the girls and I headed out to the Swan Valley and to the ice cream parlour for pancakes for me and ice creams for the girls.

Mmm Blue bubblegum flavour with a flake

x 2 :)
of course you have to have a play after ice cream

it's great they are still young enough to enjoy playgrounds
I'll miss it when they give it up!

we then decided to head around the corner to the cuddly animal farm
where the girls held, patted and fed many animals.

The guinea pigs were a firm favourite

Ella spent ages feeding the guinea pigs
Kate giving one of the babies a cuddle
Three little piggies
Kate was a bit weary of this goat!
These goats loved the cord on Ella's pants
pony rides are always popular
a cool playground with a tractor
the girls went around the place many many times on this little train
they which this horse was to ride!
On the way home, we stopped into the Margaret River chocolate factory
It was absolutely packed, the chocolate was very expensive so we only bought a little bit each and then left for home
the best bit - free chocolate testing
time to go home with a (little) bag of goodies
I hope everyone else had a wonderful Sunday too!

1 comment:

Libby said...

What a lovely day. I haven't been well either but was out much of the weekend. It's tempting to stay home when you don't feel good but a nice family outing always makes you feel better :-).

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