Thursday, August 11, 2011

What has been happening around our place?

This is what has been happening around our backyard the past couple of weeks.

We pulled up all the old bricks from the patio
and laid concrete
there were lots of long days and nights
plenty of help came
there was wild windy and wet weather to contend with
still a long way to go
outdoor blinds will be added later
tiles laid on the concrete next autumn
new outdoor furniture to be chosen
guttering to be installed
gardens to be finished
lighting to be hung
gates to be painted
Ella has started a fairy garden
and planted some colour in her pot (Kate is still to do hers)
it all takes time
looking forward to sitting out here when it's all finished!

bricks are pulled up
all ready to go
the first of the concrete is poured
hard at work
first stage completed
concreted to the end of the house, still some to go
starting on the front of the patio
Ella's pot of colour
our little place to sit for now
more colour in pots
the start of Ella's fairy garden

1 comment:

Gooseberry Jam said...

So Much to do...
Looks like someones been busy..
You'll get lots of use of this space now!

I Love Fairy Gardens! Good Job Ella!

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