Sunday, September 04, 2011

Happy Father's Day

Phil has had a lovely quiet day today! After such a busy day yesterday and only getting home from being away late Thursday night, and with heading back away to work mid-week, he just wanted to have a day at home. The girls' and I didn't mind either as we were all pretty tired after yesterday. We  gave Phil his presents, which as you can see were some tools amongst other bits and pieces (scratchies not shown) so he spent most of the day out in his shed pottering around. He started to build me something out of recycled materials. More on that later. The girls' walked down to the park in our street a couple of times where they met up with the neighbourhood kids. I even had a nap which is just what I needed. When I woke, I decided we would go out to tea at our favourite italian restaurant 10mins up the hill from us.

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