Saturday, September 03, 2011

Jonah turns TWO

We celebrated our grandson Jonah turning TWO today with a small family bbq! The weather was a bit showery on and off, but by no means cold.

He loved getting another present to open and opened each one very carefully
The singing birthday card was a big hit, and very funny

a petrol pump!

another present
a rocket! WOW!

Amie painted Jonah's new room last week, and together with Brendan they put together Jonah's new car bed for him last night
What a fantastic present!
We gave him some summer clothes, summer pj's, a book, the petrol pump and this cool car!
he was so excited by it (we knew it would be a big hit) it went inside and outside all afternoon
and backwards he goes

and then he disappeared
and the wonderful cake Amie made!

Happy Birthday beautiful Jonah
We love you xoxo 

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Cook Clean Craft said...

That is such a cool train cake! My son would love it.

You left a question on my blog about my laundry hamper, and you don't have your email on your profile so I'll just answer here. Yes, it has two compartments. I bought it from Howards Storage World a couple of years ago. They still have them on their website. Hope this helps!

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