Friday, October 07, 2011

Volcano Park

The girls' had to come with me to work this morning which they didn't mind too much, but after that and after we had been to our friends to feed the animals, we came home and threw some food & drink in the basket and went to the park for some sunshine and fresh air.

Volcano Park is situated in Belmont, about 10-15 minutes from us depending on traffic. It's right next to where we go swimming and where the girls' go for school swimming lessons (next term!) The park is famous for its volcano (hence the name!) which puts out a gust of steam periodically. Except some days it's turned off. Which today it was. Nevermind, the girls' still had fun.

The flying fox is always a huge hit and kids line up time and time again for a go.

Of course, food always tastes better eaten out in the fresh air. The mandarins went down a treat.

There were slides, tunnels and water fountains to enjoy, as well as diggers for all ages :)

Stopping for a rest ...

One of the cool sculptures the grace the playground

The quickest way for Ella to get down from the top of the volcano was to slide down, and not the convectional slide!

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