Friday, February 10, 2012

:: 9 :: On February 10

It's hard to believe our youngest turned 9 today! Where have the years gone?

It started off a very exciting day when the girls' came in together into our room at 5:15am. They were so excited (yes, even Kate was excited for her sister)

Lotso bear was a toy she had been wanting for a very long time. She had stalked ebay for months and left me many notes around the place incase I missed it.

She is still really into Mickey Mouse - so with that character on she got - a watch, knickers and socks and a cool singing birthday card! She also got a few books, some Lalaloopsy dolls, some Lalaloopsy pj's, a jumper, a Wii game and she will be getting a bike tomorrow (she wants to choose her own) Amie, Brendan, Ruby and Jonah bought her a Kindle. She was thoroughly spoilt.

 We made lolly bags for her to share with her class at school.

Amie made the beautiful cake! Isn't it fabulous?

Kate & Jonah
The new way to wear a party hat!
Phil and Amie (not often I get a photo of these 2 together!)
Phil being silly!

We hope you had a very happy 9th birthday Ella! We love you xoxo.

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Anne @ Domesblissity said...

Happy birthday Ella! Gosh Ailsa. What are you going to do next year with two in the teens? The cake looks amazing.

Anne xx

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