Sunday, February 12, 2012

Ella's Tea Party

Today Ella celebrated her birthday with a tea party at Flying Teapots with her closest friends, and of course Kate & Ruby. None of her friends had been before either, so it was a new and exciting experience for all the young ladies!

All the girls called out for Alice!
Alice arrived and escorted the girls to Wonderland!

There was fine china and delicious eats!

Alice poured rose-petal tea for the young ladies
It was lovely to see the girls all dressed up!
Ashlee handed out sugar cubes!
Fabulous decorations!
Beautiful Ella enjoying tea with her friends
Ruby said the tea was her favourite!

And the beautiful Kate

Alice lights the candles

Ella blows them out!

Ella is The Mad Hatter

Games were played

There were songs to sing!
Courtney tries on the hat!

The beautiful Ruby!
A game of cards!
Silly dancing too
They finished off with a find Alice game!

1 comment:

Libby said...

Now that's my kind of party. What a fun idea.

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