Sunday, February 05, 2012


We love Sundays in this house. We laze about in the mornings, eating when we are hungry, going back to bed for reading (napping for me!) watching telly, playing on the computer. It's so nice not to have to be out the door at any particular time. Today I didn't get in the shower until after lunch! The kids wanted wedges for lunch, and I had some bananas that needed using up, so we had smoothies with them. Kate didn't want to be in the photo today. Infact she sat away from Ella and I with her nose stuck in a book. Oh well, I didn't want to discourage reading and I love to read while I eat! Later in the afternoon we went for a walk and called in to see a friend, then headed home to pick up the car before heading to the garden centre. A lovely relaxing day.

How was your Sunday?


Libby said...

Sounds like a lovely Sunday. Those smoothies look awesome (though I actually don't like banana in mine). We're now in the stage where Amy likes to hang out in her room - I think she only came out for food yesterday :-).

My Mummy Daze said...

Your Sunday sounds beautifully relaxing. Makes me crave a four day weekend! Bliss xx

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