Saturday, February 04, 2012


The girls have settled well into school this year. Both have great teachers that they like, and lots of friends to hang out with (and learn!) Dancing has started back and they are busier than ever with Kate taking 7 classes a week for the next 6 wks, then will be 6 classes after that. Ella is doing five. As well as their usual - Kate has picked up slow modern and Ella has picked up singing and slow modern. Ruby is also back at our dancing (and travelling 45 mins to get there) doing ballet and jazz.
The garden is looking rather sad after out heatwave. I can't wait for autumn so we can get out there more. We either have to be out there between 6am and 8am or after 6pm (and we don't have daylight savings here so you have to be quick! My lemon tree is coming along nicely. No those are not mine at the top, but it is the same variety, fingers crossed mine look that good one day!
I hope everyones elses children returning to school for the new year have had a great start.

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My Mummy Daze said...

Wow, that's a lot of dancing! That's the way it seems to happen though. My daughter is starting ballet for the first time this SAturday and is ecstatic! We bought her leotard today and she's been wearing it for most of the day :)

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