Monday, April 30, 2012


Today was a day I had been looking forward to for a long time. Meeting up with Renee from Nesting in Skyscrapers and her lovely family. We got on so well, and when they return to Perth next year to live I hope we will be able to keep in contact with them.

Renee, Craig and their children Jemilla, Keegan and Tirzah

First we caught a taxi to Tai Po Market Station where we met them outside Starbucks.

They live in the New Territories, which Ella's teachers said we should visit! So when we met the Harvey's they led the way on a tour through the wet markets, which was very interesting.

Fish anyone?
Or would you prefer snails?
Craig explains the scales to his audience
Maybe an eyeball for lunch?
Or pigs snout?
Phil listens intently to Craig while the girls keep smiling for the camera

After the wet market, we continued on our walk through the streets soaking up the atmosphere, the kids chatting away like they had known each other much longer than an hour, and the adults enjoying new company.

Renee took this family pic with the beautiful background
I'm thankful for a rotary clothesline at home

Jemilla points out something below
Table tennis!!
Ice cream tasting
Then the girls discovered makeup and tried some samples
Love this photo!
Ella and Tirzah clap to get the toys to dance
Kate discovers Kate makeup
and a clothing store!
Now for a real ice cream!
Renee showed me through a supermarket
Great to see Aussie carrots for sale
A purple chicken!
This apparently is the smelliest fruit about, No I didn't try any!
The kind of bread my girls like
NZ butter - there was always this butter in the hotels at breakfast time
When we came out the kids were all enjoying ice cream!

Armed with balloons, we caught two taxis (the girls in one and the boys in another) to Tai Mei Tuk where we hired 3 bikes and hit the road, what an amazing time and a stunning view!

And they are off on the bike!
New friends!
Crossing the road
Gorgeous scenery
Stopping for a photo
Time to get out and push up the hill
Kate helps to make it up quicker
I loved how the water is green on one side and blue on the other
And finally made it to the top
Phil is puffed!
I am not. I forgot to offer to take over the peddling, sorry Craig! :)
Amazing experience!

We were all pretty knackered that night, so it was an early night for us with lots of wonderful memories. Thanks Renee & Craig!


Libby said...

What an awesome day. This vegetarian could have done without the eyeball photo though :-). Lots of good memories. Those bikes look like hard work though. Don't blame you for "forgetting" to take your turn :-).

Anne @ Domesblissity said...

Oh Ailsa! The photos are just fantastic. You're like me in that I love to get off the tourist trail and visit local supermarkets and see how the locals live. I've never been to Hong Kong but it looks great! Hope you're feeling better.

Anne xx

Reneelharvey said...

We had such a lovely time with your family! See you in Perth!

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