Tuesday, May 01, 2012


Causeway Bay Station
 Today was the first day we tried out the MTR (underground train) It really is very very easy to use, and you really can't get lost. We took a couple of trains over to Lantau Island to see the famous Big Buddah. I think it's the biggest in the World. The weather wasn't the greatest again, especially right up at the top by the Buddah, where Kate nearly got blown away, but it was still another great day, one which we all enjoyed.

On the train
 Once we arrived, we caught the cable car up to the top of the mountain. It was pretty scary for me, partly because I hate heights and also because it was super windy. The girls and Phil loved it though, so it appears I'm the only woos!
In the cable car
Despite the weather every car was full
A good view of the airport

When we got off we made the long walk upto the Buddah.

Walking through the village
First sight of the Buddah despite the haze
A better view
Lots of interesting statues to look at
Loved all the colour - warm, appropriate for a dull day
Lots of steps to climb
And off they go
The kids quickly got ahead
You can still see Ella and Kate through the crowd
Phil stops for a rest
And then gets going again, it starts to rain just before we get to the top
Our welcoming party. It wasn't really cold, but the wetter we got the damper we felt
The view wasn't the best at the top
It was so so windy, Kate nearly blew away after this photo                

We couldn't take photos inside the museum at the top, so once we looked around we headed back down. It was really wet by now.
Kate smells some incense

The steps were hardly visible by the time we came back from the monastery
 Another fabulous day in HK!

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ClaireTet said...

I have really been enjoying your HK trip photos. We are thinking about heading there later in the year and taking in Disney. We were at Tokyo earlier in the year and our wee dot really enjoyed it. It looks like you really made the most of your time there!

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