Wednesday, May 02, 2012


 Tuesday, we headed to Ocean Park which was only a short 10 minute taxi ride from the hotel. This was another exciting place for us all. Phil and I actually enjoyed it more than Disneyland. The girls loved it too even though there were tears from Ella when she was 1cm too short for three of the rides she wanted to go on. It stayed fine throughout and it wasn't too busy either so really enjoyable.
It's a really colourful place too, loads of flowers everywhere, brightly coloured artwork and coloured lamters and lights galore!

Old Hong Kong is a new attraction and the way to the cable cars
My favourite food in HK was egg tarts!
The queue for the cable cars was quite long when we joined but it didn't take long to get to the top
So pretty
Great views from the top
We caught the cable car up the top for more rides
Potted colour grace the steps
It's the 35 yr anniversary this year
A juggler

Favourite rides ahead

A menu
Kate will try anything!
Nice views!
So many escalators
The girls went on the Mine Train lots of times. Phil went on with them twice and declared it the scariest ride due to hanging over the ocean!
They loved being in the front
Another great shot of Ella
My camera had long run out of battery by now so Kate got this photo of a sleepy panda!

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Anne @ Domesblissity said...

That place looks fantastic Ailsa. My kids would love that too. I love the gardens. The topiary animals are just fantastic.

Anne xx

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