Sunday, December 09, 2012

Christmas & Birthday Shopping

With us all being home yesterday due to being unwell, by lunchtime today the girls wanted to get out. I wanted to go to the river but they wanted to go shopping. Two against one, so off to the shops we went with most of Perth I think!

We decided to get lunch when we arrived. Kate and I shared a wrap and Ella chose a hotdog and milkshake. Kate also had a mango smoothie. I had what was left.

We wandered around for a bit taking in all the pretty Christmas decorations, before heading to Myer where the girls chose their annual new decoration for the tree.

Ella then wanted to look at the toys and found this cute puppy that bounced around! Kate likes to look at makeup now!

Kate wanted to visit her most favourite shop in the World. Smiggle.

Ella is most happy looking at clothes and pyjamas!

 Last but not least Kate wanted to check out which phone she would like, one day!

We finished off getting Ruby a few bits and pieces for her upcoming birthday and a few groceries. Nice to get out of the house, but the shops were so busy we came home exhausted!


dear molly said...

Oh you are a braver soul than I hitting the shops at this time of year :)
Looks like your girls had a ball.

The Doylies said...

It's madness out there aye?I have just about got all the kids gifts,now just got the hubby to go!Phew!;)
Hope you have a great xmas.


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