Friday, December 07, 2012

Year Six Social

From left: Jarrad, Kade, Sage, Drazik, Mark, Caitlyn, Kate, Clare, Anthea, Nikita, Kayla, Aleisha, Justine.

Kate had her Year Six social tonight which we didn't know whether she would make it to in the end as she had been vomiting the night before. She had chosen a lovely new dress so it would have been a great shame if she couldn't wear it. But after a day off school resting she was okay to go. We arrived early so got a group photo with some that were already there. Love all the pretty dresses!

I can't believe Kate will be at high school next year!


Anne @ Domesblissity said...

Oh my goodness Ailsa. Look how beautiful she is. She sure is growing up! All of the girls look so grown up. The boys? Still a little way to go, hey? LOL Myers had some nice decorations this year I thought not that I bought any. Shops sure are getting crazy.

Anne xx

Libby said...

Kate looked stunning. LOVE her dress. It's definitely the end of an era when they start High School.

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