Sunday, April 14, 2013

Chook Update:

 Our new girl Ebony-Rose is settling in nicely now. The other chooks are more or less just looking at her in the backyard now. The chasing has settled down alot. She still sleeps separately at night and will for a couple more weeks at least. During the day if I can't watch them outside, they take turns at free-ranging. But she has become quite close to the cat! They sit together quite often now, very cute!

She's very friendly and prefers to hang out with us more than being a chicken! She sits next to us outside (hence the old blanket on the chair!)  and climbs up on the windowsill to see what's going on inside!

Omelette had a great time this afternoon in this dirt heap!

 The girls enjoyed a treat of pasta and yoghurt. I love how they get it everywhere!

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