Thursday, April 18, 2013

School Excursion

The day was overcast and cooler to start with
Ella and her friend Alyssa wait for the talk on mammals at Cicerello's
Ella with a starfish
peaceful view
2 of the 4 classes smile for a group photo
down to the beach
treasures found
Ella and her friend Hannah
sand castle making
morning recess time
We walked through the tunnel to the Roundhouse
Looking at the streets below
The Roundhouse
Ella poses for a photo
The view from the restaurant
Waiting for fish and chips
Ella chose to sit with Alyssa, Hannah and Amber over me! :)
Releasing some energy before the 45 minute bus ride back to school

I went on Ellas excursion today to the Roundhouse in Fremantle then fish and chips for lunch at a popular restaurant! I'm not going to say much, too tired! It was very hot though (cooler to start with) when we were eating. The sweat was pouring off the poor principals face! You can read more about the roundhouse here

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Anke said...

Looks like a really great field trip!

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