Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Out the back

The winter garden has been growing well. We pick some beans and snow peas nearly everyday. Cherry toms too, although there aren't any ripe right now, there are a ton that will be soon. There are lots of flowers on the capsicums, so I am expecting a pretty good crop. The kale is being used nearly everyday (it's a superfood!) that I think I need more than two plants. The guinea pigs get a little bit each day too, which they love. We are getting through the lemons, especially with 2/4 sickies in this household, so there are honey and lemon drinks being made. Silverbeet is plenty, some for us, some for the chooks and a bit for the guinea pigs.

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Sunnybrook Farm said...

Summer here, I just harvested the kale seed from last winter's crop and tilled up the ground to plant fall kale in about a month or so. Kale really is a wonderful crop and little goes to waste, the 5 foot tall plants are done and the steers are loving them. Looks like you guys are getting some rain and warm during the days at least.

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