Monday, February 23, 2015

Case of the Missing Chook

One morning last week, I went to let the chooks out early as usual, but there was only 3.


Where was she?

I waited and waited. Worried, like Happy Feet, she had passed away during the night.

I wasn't going in to discover her body, so I woke Phil up and sent him in.

I waited to hear "she's dead", but no, nothing.

She wasn't there. Where was she? Had a fox taken her during the night? We scanned high and low looking for a clue. A sign. Anything.

Then Phil turned around and called out "there she is" She was wandering around in the run.

Had I missed her first thing? I didn't think so, but now I wasn't sure.

At least she was alive, even if it was a mystery.

An hour later, I was outside again, and noticed we only had 3 chooks again.


Okay, now I was sure she was hiding somewhere.

But where?

There wasn't really that many places.

I finally heard a noise that drew me to their "bus shelter" and there she was, sittting quite happily!

Cheeky girl!

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